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Riding Position Checklist

assess your dressage horseback riding position

To create your rider position checklist, either recruit a friend to video you, or even stick your phone on a phone post.

You will video:

  • a circle in each direction in all three gaits

  • trotting and or cantering on the centerline away from the camera (placed on the centerline).

When you go home to watch, get your notebook and make a note of the 3 most obvious things you see.

You can also take still frames and mark them up with your phone as shown on the cover image with this blog.

Those three things become your checklist. Your checklist should be simple, and repeatable.

Your checklist should be running through your mind throughout your ride.

You may also choose to work on your checklist items one at a time. Especially if something is particularly challenging for you.

As you’re watching your video and making your list, it should not become a self deprecating list. Getting down on yourself, will not help.

Create your list as if you were helping to coach a friend. You would only say CONSTRUCTIVE things, in a POSITIVE manner.

In a month or at least quarterly, rinse and repeat!

Time to pick the next thing to work on!

Also spend some time reflecting on how much you have improved by going back and reviewing old video and journal notes each time you do this exercise.

If you want more help for when you are riding on your own, check out Dressage to Go, the app for on-demand audio riding lessons to help solve your riding problems.


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