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Dressage Lessons
Develop your toolkit

First we asses the horse's foundation and the rider's position.  My teaching style utilizes exercises to create tools for the rider.  Riding has to be fun and horses are too strong to be coerced into work, trying to muscle through isn't fun for anyone!  Training rides are also available.  Lessons are at your facility or agreed upon location.  Sorry, I don't have lesson horses.

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audio lessons
Get the app and go!

Dressage To Go is launching early summer!

Dressage To Go, get lessons in your arena, on your time.  Just grab your phone and your ear buds!

Grab your FREE lesson here!

Solve problems where they start

Horsemanship is not separate from any kind of riding but I am happy to make that focus or part of your lesson.  So many issues get solved from the ground first.  This is the place we can give the horse the tools to cope with various stimuli and a deeper relaxation that will carry the horse through his work.  We'll also hone in on your horse's posture and how that relates to the nervous system. 

Book one or multiple days

Please contact me about hosting a clinic at your barn.  Clinics can be on dressage, horsemanship, groundwork, obstacles (and how they work for your dressage horse), or any combination.  I love to share my methods!  Ride a Test clinics are also available!

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REmote Coaching
Get instruction any where in the world

All you need is someone to hold your phone, or pivo and reliable internet!

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Online resources
Courses, groups, apps

30 Days to a More Responsive Horse, the course for riders struggling to get more energy out of their horse.  A self paced course available anytime.

4 Weeks to Fabulous, 3 key components to level up your riding.  A live online course.

Open Minds Dressage, a wonderful community of open minded riders.  Collaborate, share and learn!

"Crystal is a great instructor that takes the time to listen to your needs and goals. As a hunter/jumper rider with over 30 years of experience, I was looking for a dressage instructor who would help me to incorporate some dressage elements into my training, particularly the leg to hand connection. She has a lot of experience and is very encouraging and supportive. I would recommend her to anyone from a beginner to an experienced rider who wants to gain more polish. I am so glad that I got to know her and I am a better rider because of her teaching."

-Sharon C.


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