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Live REmote Coaching

Remote coaching for the frustrated rider without access to in person coaching. Be proud of your success with your horse and have a plan to move forward.


  • Are you in a remote area, don't have trailer access, or just haven't found the right person nearby?

  • Are you stuck doing the same circles around and around?

  • Are you worried that you're only helping your horse to develop the wrong muscles and habits?

  • Have been frustrated with a plateau in your work?


Every rider needs to have eyes on ground, keeping them honest and helping them solve problems.



Imagine you and your horse, a well developed athlete moving around together with softness and understanding. Learn the movements that you've dreamed about riding with your horse or just be a better partner.


Getting access to remote coaching is simple and you don't need to be a tech guru to do it!

Here's how it will work:


  • you need reliable wifi (sometimes a range extender helps) to your arena or unlimited data

  • a person or robot to hold your phone

  • a long range blue tooth headset or a second phone to keep on your for sound while you ride

  • Download zoom to your phone

  • I'll send you a link to your zoom meeting and when it's lesson time, just go to the link


I know how hard it can be when riding on your own and you're not sure how to access help, or you're not able to haul out frequently enough to make a big difference. I am a USDF Silver Medalist and L Graduate with almost 20 years of coaching riders. I have also been successfully coaching riders remotely!


"Just had my first remote lesson with Crystal and I am thrilled with everything she offered! I was having some issues with my pony and she immediately gave us effective tools to help him. I’m eager to continue getting guidance from her keen eye and kind support. Thanks Crystal!! " Beth Lauren Parrish, Inspired Riding Coach


See what remote coaching can do for you!

More questions? Fill in the contact form below.

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