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Hot Weather Riding Tips

Updated: May 21, 2023

In the northern hemisphere, we are in that season of sun, sweat and popsicles! For some us, the most sand we are going to see is arena sand and not beach sand! Here are some of my favorite tips for dealing with the hot weather.

For horses:

  • Make sure your horse is well cooled after the ride with cool water.

  • Always allow access to water after the ride.

  • Ride early in the morning or after the sun goes down.

For humans:

  • I always try to keep the sun off, one of my favorites is my UV shawl. I prefer this over a long sleeved UV shirt for a few reasons. One is I can take it off when I am inside. Another is I can take it off and soak it under water and it feels ah-mazing when you put it on wet!

  • Goes without saying, but stay hydrated! I like to add some aloe juice to my water to help rehydrate after riding or working out instead of sugary electrolyte drinks.

  • You need to replace your electrolytes too! My favorite is LMT. No sugar and quite tasty.

  • As much as you are drinking water to hydrate yourself, also be aware of beverages that dehydrate you, caffeine, sugary sodas, sugary sports drinks and alcohol.

  • Use cooling towels

  • Use a nice hat to keep the sun off of your face or a helmet with a big visor when riding.

Jump in the group today in Open Minds Dressage to add your favorite hot weather tips!

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