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Book Review: "55 Corrective Exercises for Horses", Jec Aristotle Ballou

I purchased this book because I need some more ideas on developing more topline and correcting patterns of movement for my mare. I have stayed away from these books about equine fitness in the past thinking they were only for event riders or riding “legging up” or building endurance in their horses. That dressage work in itself was enough for developing a horse’s topline. While correct dressage is a very important part of that, it can be very helpful to go outside the box and find other ways to correct dysfunctional movement first. Does your horse appear to want to go around hollow and pull himself along instead of push? Does your horse have clear rhythm and all gaits? Does he know where is feet are? When you evaluate his conformation is his muscling nicely even without obvious bulges or hollow spaces? Even if you think your horse’s fitness is great, you should still get this book!

In this book, the author tells you specifically what muscles are being targeted in the exercise and what they are used for. She also gives a series of exercises to correct different issues. In addition to the exercises, she also has some bodywork utilizing Masterson Method that owners can do to help the horse reset himself. Another thing I really like about many the exercises is that they really help the horse themselves so the handler does not have to be an expert to be effective.

This book can help any horse and any rider. Even if you are just looking for something else to do in the arena or ideas on how to utilize your space in and out of the arena, buy this book!

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