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There Was A Crooked Horse... Goals for a Straight and Sound Dressage Horse


Straight and sound dressage horse

...crookedness will help the horse?

Well that sounds bass ackwards!

I know some of you probably opened this to watch this trainwreck of a post 🤣

Here me out for a minute, I have some food for thought for you.

Let’s take a step back.

Horses are crooked for a reason, they have natural tendencies and compensations that they have created because, what are horses really good at?

Adapting and not showing their weakness. This way they can stay alive in the herd.

When you are dealing with a horse that has some big crookedness issues, you cannot go about trying to make them straight in a day.

It takes a lot of time to unwind the horse, it’s really something you chip away at.

You also need to address why the horse has developed these compensations in the first place and you may need the support of a talented veterinarian and bodyworker.

This is also something that you can’t do halfway.

You can’t have the horse treated by a bodyworker to help breakup the patterns to just then turn right around and ride the same way.

It’s not fair for the horse, those holding patterns serve them.

When you take away that structure that the horse has developed for themselves, you need to be right there helping them learn a new way and develop the muscle to maintain it.

It’s physical therapy for the horse, and if you aren’t sure how to do it, find a knowledgeable trainer to help you!

As I say, “Straightness is your life’s work”

Enjoy the ride!



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