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Passionate About Unlocking a Horse's Potential

I've spent nearly 20 years riding and instructing riders in competitive dressage and continue to do so successfully.  I have been lucky enough to have a few more challenging horses come into my barn and they have set me on a path to do things better.  When my regular solutions weren't being effective enough I went looking for more answers.   Which brought me to incorporating and groundwork as a major part of my work.  I am constantly soaking up all of the education I can, both in and out of the saddle.

I am developing my own system of training utilizing methods on the ground with and progressive exercises under saddle.  My core values  are to teach your horse coping skills so you don't have to be a "brave" rider and to use exercises under saddle in a way so that you don't have to be a stronger rider.  Riding should be a joy.   A well adjusted and developed horse can perform to his potential.

Early this summer 2022, I will be launching my app, Dressage To Go.  Dressage To Go offers audio lessons on your time, in your arena so you can fit more quality instruction into your busy life and feel good about your progress.  Get a taste by clicking here!

  • USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

  • USDF Instructor Certification Participant

  • USDF L Program Graduate

  • USDF Young Rider Graduate Participant

  • Multiple awards and placings in the show ring

  • Students have multiple awards and placings in the show ring

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