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Relocating to the Austin, Texas area in February, 2017!  Serving Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Dripping Springs, Georgetown, and the surrounding areas.

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Crystal Forsell provides successful training and retraining for all horses and riders who want a fun, enjoyable partnership.

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Crystal on FEI dressage horse

Dressage Lessons and Training

Through clear communication, in a fun supportive environment, Crystal's students gain personal success and triumph in the show ring.


Dressage is for all horses.  Dressage training is a framework for nurturing your horse into the finest athlete and best partner he can be.  A solid foundation is vital to success of your horse.  The most important qualities for your horse has to have is relaxation and confidence.  Crystal uses ground work to accompany the work under saddle to achieve this.  A horse can not even develop the correct top-line muscles to do the job, if he can not relax.  Crystal's philosophy also stems from the why we all got into horses in the first place, we love them and they are fun!  Crystal will never lose sight of this while working with you to develop your partner and goals.


Dressage Riding Lessons

Lessons on your own horse will access the strengths and weaknesses of the horse and rider, the conformation and horse's gaits.  Exercises are tailored to the experience of the horse and rider.  Riders leave their lesson having made an achievement and improving their horse and riding.  Lessons on the lunge are also given to allow the rider to fine tune their position with focus on the horse and allowing for great exercises without stirrups or reins.  Lessons are available at your barn!

Dressage training will:


Build Confidence


Create more elastic, swinging gaits

Strength and self carriage






Dressage Training for Horses

Training and lessons go hand and hand.   Allowing your horse to learn new concepts and develop the muscle for the movements and skills under a professional will keep your partnership with your horse happy and will pave the way for you.  Crystal has had success with many breeds and "career change" horses.  Her training starts with the assessment of the horse's basics, conformation and gaits.  Then follows the training scale to continue the horse's development.    All horses are treated as individuals and programs are designed with the horse and rider in mind.  The horse's soundness of mind and body are of the utmost importance.  Crystal's program also includes turnouts, graining, botanical liniment after exercise,  trail riding, and off-property excursions.  We also have a great team of supportive care with our veterinarians, farrier, chiropractor, acupuncture.


Competition is not required, but for those who wish to test their skills, we go to several local and away shows each season.  Our group is supportive and helpful, you'll love showing with Crystal coaching and your new friends cheering you on!

Horse and Pony Sales

Crystal will take on select horses and ponies on consignment.  Horses will be in training and will be competed as appropriate.  Marketing includes our network of horse people, Online classifieds, social media, and beautiful sales fliers.  All sales are done ethically and with finding the best home for the horse in mind.  If you're looking, Crystal also has a great eye for making great matches.  See our sales horses here.

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